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Monday, December 31, 2012

Here’s a website for all you nukes to check out when you get a chance

Surfing Websites

I was trolling the Internet one evening for some good Navy related sites. On most occasions, I do not come across anything extraordinary.  In a few instances I encounter content which made it worth the effort to check out the various homepages.   

In the same way, I would like people to be able to find this blog and take something away from it after reading the entries. The casual reader may be challenged to believe some thought goes into the topics discussed and into writing these entries keeping in mind the people this blog is written for and what is intended to be about.  I would be very disappointed if any prospective reader found reading these postings a waste of time, O.K. enough digression for now.  

The posting I am thinking of was about a nuke that left the Navy and took the time to reflect on what he wished he had done differently looking back at his days as a nuke.

I will not kill the thunder of the details of the posting. Here is the link if you wanted to read another Ex Nuke’s rambling for yourself Read More: . After checking this site out please do not hesitate to check out Tell Dustin I sent you.

Reading Dustin’s posting made me give some thoughts to my time as a nuke. Perhaps I will dedicate a future posting to the things I feel I could have done better upon reflection on my time as a nuke. 


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